A Post for Lizzie

Dear Lizzie,

Please use the points below if you ever feel that you need them (or I am being a terrible non-replying friend).

1.Do I love you?


2. Are your conversations boring?


3. Everyday’s a good day when you…


Would I rather be doing anything else than talking to you?


5. Are you one of the best friends I’ve ever had?


6. Do you deserve to be happy and have fun and be the amazing person that you are?

Yes yes yes yes yes

7. Should you eat it?


8. Straight legs or bendy legs

Both. Or neither. Mwahahaha

9. What happens if you’re good to Maureen?


10. Do you need to say sorry?

Never. Ever. Unless you have chopped one of my limbs off.

11. Have you chopped one of my limbs off?

I don’t know…have I got blood gushing from a stump?

12. Do I like it a lot when you tell  me things about your life?

I do

13. Do I love you lots and lots of lots?

Oui oui oui

A list of dates upon which Lizzie has been boring:




Oh wait. This space is blank. There are NO DAYS. NONE OF THE DAYS. NADA. ZILCH. KEIN.

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