The Trouble with Memory

Last night, my Granny fell and hit her head against a chair. She, I am assured, is OK. It’s just a cut and she’s not shown any symptoms of anything more serious since then. Recently, my Granny moved into a care home. She has dementia. Growing up, I saw her twice a week, every week. […]

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The thing about wildflowers

I have always been somewhat fascinated by wildflowers. I am never sure whether I prefer their names or the dusty pastels of their appearance. Once upon a time, long ago, a princess of the fields and of the trees and of the sky lay in a sterile bower. I am the keeper of thoughts that belong […]

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Courage Part Two

The problem with courage is that you can’t see it. It doesn’t make itself obvious, apart from when it involves saving lives or jumping out of aeroplanes. Courage, however, is a quiet quality. Strength in the face of adversity cannot be measured, and it is not often presented in a way which is easily visible […]

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For the love of Thiamine

  16th October, 2015 Dear Producers of Tyvera Thiamine, I am writing to say thankyou for making Thiamine such a wonderful tasting experience. I have been an inpatient on an Eating Disorders Unit for nineteen weeks, and have found that sucking Thiamine tablets is the highlight of my day. Luckily, I am prescribed two doses […]

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