A Message for a Drizzly Day

It appears to be thinking Sunday morning again. I am not going to lie: it’s the end of term and I’m so, so, so tired and when I’m tired stuff is hard. This week, because life is so utterly rubbish sometimes, I have this to say: For me, the hardest bit of recovery is the middle […]

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In the early days, my memories of Jane are limited to her being on all fours, peering at me from the edge of my bed. I am under my bed because it is drink time and I do not under any circumstances do drinks. Jane is on all fours, holding a plastic cup of water with a straw. […]

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What Happens Afterwards?

My friend Sophie messaged me the other day. She asked me whether I’d be up for writing a post about how being in inpatient care solves problems, but creates other problems as well. I’ve never actually written a post for someone else, or about a topic someone else has suggested before, so I’m sorry if […]

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On Choice (Again)

I think the least controversial way that I could possibly start a blog post is by saying that Anorexia Nervosa is a rubbish, awful, horrible illness. I would go as far as to say that it is so awful; so destroying, that it is generally understood that Anorexia is neither a choice nor a desire. […]

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Animal Brains and Armies

I’ve had a difficult week this week. I have described it to myself like this: a switch in my head flicked, possibly around Wednesday, and my animal brain took over. Unfortunately, it appears that my animal brain is the part that controls my anorexia. It will be hard to understand for people whose brains simply […]

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I think most people would agree that, in many ways, rules are entirely unhelpful in recovering from Anorexia, the wider canon of eating disorders and many mental health conditions. It seems somewhat counter-intuitive to replace one set of ill-advised, damaging rules with any others. For someone who has spent years, or even decades, living inside […]

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