The Rabbit Hole

I’m going to be honest. I’m not in a good place at the moment. Physically, I know that I’m the furthest away from what I should be that I have been since I was discharged from hospital. Mentally, I’m never so sure, because I always feel that – when I get to the point that […]

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A Week to Turn It Around

‘If you don’t gain some weight before your next appointment, there’s a bed waiting for you in hospital.’ How many people living with an eating disorder have heard this? I was driving to work this morning and thinking about how unfair this is. Is there any other illness where you’re threatened with a hospital admission? […]

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What Happens Afterwards?

My friend Sophie messaged me the other day. She asked me whether I’d be up for writing a post about how being in inpatient care solves problems, but creates other problems as well. I’ve never actually written a post for someone else, or about a topic someone else has suggested before, so I’m sorry if […]

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Clinging on to Anorexia

I’ve written about this before, but it’s something that I can never quite put my finger on. As much as I draft and redraft, analogise and explain, I can’t quite say what’s in my brain. The following is complete brain-splurge in the faint hope that some of it will make a little bit of sense. […]

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On Release

I’ve thought about writing this post for a long time, although I’ve often imagined it would be a day that never arrived. I’ve considered writing a humorous post; a profound post; maybe even one that involved the eating of actual food. It strikes me as rather odd that the end of this chapter is as […]

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